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Piece of agave with nectar

We are a company dedicated to making low glycemic index syrup (agave nectar) and agave inulin products comprised of 100% natural ingredients that contribute to better human health.

This desire drives us to develop new products that not only provide nutrients but also contribute to a better functioning of the human body.

Agave has been used in México a long time ago. From the indigenous pleople up today we have been benefit from this blue gold plant.

Our products have the organic and kosher certification,

Alit agave nectar and agave inulin

Agave inulin

Organic Agave Inulin made by alit

Fibralit is natural agave inulin , fiber composed by fructose chains with sweet flavor.

It can be used to replace sugar, fat and flour. Agave inulin organic soluble fiber

Agave nectar , natural sweetener

Agave Syrup Agave nectar

Mielalit is 100% organic agave nectar , also named agave syrup wich is natural sweetener containing 70% fructose. What is agave syrup?

You can use it instead of mapple syrup or corn syrup. Try it and you going to like it

Agave nectar low glycemic index syrup