Corn payasam with agave nectar

corn payasam with agave nectar
written by: sourish4c

This recipe originates from a traditional Indian dessert named “Payasam”.My grandmother taught me the basics of this recipe when i was only eleven years old and i managed to develop it into this international style payasam by adding ingredients like corn,vanilla and agave nectar. The best part of my recipe is the fact that i have used this vegan sweetener “agave nectar” which adds to it a sharp sweetness that serves way better than sugar or honey. Here i depict my original recipe filled with sweetness and loads of grandmother love.

Ingredients :

1.American sweet corn 2 cups.
2.Agave nectar 1/2 cup.
3.Normal milk 1 liter.
4.Rice flour 3 table spoons.
5.Condensed milk 1/2 cup.
6.Ghee ( clarified butter ) 1 tea-spoon.
7.vanilla essence 1 tea-spoon.
8.crushed cashews and Raisins 3-4 tea-spoons.

Recipe :

1.Paste the corns in a mixer grinder.
2.Take a saucepan.Heat the pan.Add the clarified butter.
3.Add the corn paste.Make sure the corn paste is not browned and keep stirring.
4.Take another saucepan.Boil the normal milk.keep stirring to prevent from burning.
5.As the milk gets thicker add the corn paste and stir well.
6.As the milk gets a boil add the rice flour and stir and mix well.
7.Add the agave nectar and mix can add more or less sweetener according to your taste.
8.once the rice flour is cooked, add the condensed milk and mix well.This will give a thickness to the payasam.
9.At last add the vanilla essence and mix well for the added flavor.
10.Garnish with cashews and raisins.
11.let this cool for 1-2 hours. serve it cooled.

The consistency of the dessert will be exactly like home-made thick custard.

This serves 2-4 people.

Enjoy this Indian dessert with an international twist.Especially enjoyed by the kids.Healthy since rice flour and milk are added to it.The sugar being replaced by the agave nectar adds a different sweetness to the recipe.So anyone who has had it with normal sugar will always choose agave nectar for this corn payasam.
Tips for making my recipe more interesting : can make it tastier adding fruits to my payasam. As in make a mango payasam by adding mango puree after step 8 is done and step 9 is not required in that case.

Best Treat :

Best serving for this recipe is with coconut balls.

Recipe for the coconut balls :

Ingredients :

1.Dry coconut powder 2 cups.
2.Ghee (clarified butter ) 2 tea-spoons.
3.Agave nectar 1/2 cup.
4.condensed milk 1/2 cup.


1.Add the clarified butter in a sauce pan.
2.Add the coconut powder and keep stirring until it is a tad bit browned.
3.Add the nectar and mix it well with the coconut and make a dough.
4.Add the condensed milk and mix well to form the dough.

Make sure the dough is neither too dry nor gooey.Let the mixture cool a bit.Make small balls with with the coconut can even dip it in dry coconut powder for a further coating.
Dip the balls in the payasam. Make sure its not stirred after adding the balls as it might break or melt the balls in the payasam. serve this payasam cooled and enjoy to the fullest.

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