Apple Wrap with agave nectar

Agave syrup (also called agave nectar, sometimes has little agave inulin) is a sweetner with a low GI value and is therefore a healthier way to sweeten foods. It can be used as a replacement for honey, maple syrup or sugar. It is a healthier alternative to sugar and unlike artificial sweetners as it has no side effects or after taste.
This is a very simple dessert recipe with agave nectar which is tasty and healthy. The ingredients arevery easy to find and the recipe should take no longer than ten minutes to make from start to finish.
Apple Wrap
The Ingredients:
1 medium sized apple
1 tortilla wrap
cinnamon (to sprinkle)
1 tbsp agave syrup
1 tbsp olive oil
20g margarine
The Method:
Take your apple and cut it into quarters then remove the core. Then slice it thinly. I personally wouldn’t peel it but you might prefer to do so. Heat one tablespoon of olive oil and twenty grams of margarine in a small saucepan. Once the margarine is melted add one tablespoon of agave syrup. Then put the apple slices into the pan and sprinkle with ground cinnamon. Cook these for around ten minutes until the apple is soft and starting to brown. The timing will depend on which apple variety you use as some are softer than others. If you like it sweeter you can add some sultanas to the pan while cooking the apple.
Meanwhile place a tortilla on a plate. I would use a whole meal one as it is more healthy as the complex carbohydrates leave you more energy. You could also use a pancake instead of the tortilla if you prefer. You can warm the tortilla slightly in the microwave to make it more flexible and easier to roll if you like. Pour the apple and the syrup down the center of the tortilla or pancake. Roll up and cut in half. Serve each half in a bowl with some custard or cream. Alternatively you can make several of these, slice, and put into a baking dish. Pour over lots of custard and put into an oven to keep warm until serving.
Ideas for When to Serve this Dish:
This recipe is an ideal dessert after a large meal as it is fairly light. It is also very quick to make so won’t have you standing over the stove for ages, so can also work for a dinner party when you don’t want to leave your guests waiting for too long between courses. For that reason it is also great for a sweet snack or a fun treat when friends come over. You can even eat it for breakfast. The agave syrup gives it enough sweetness to take away the tartness of the apple but it is such a small amount that the pudding stays healthy and doesn’t leave a really sweet taste in your mouth. It is a great idea for an autumn dessert when the apples are in season and you want something warming and sweet on those crisp cool days, and it won’t leave you feeling over full and tired


Recipe for healthy apple wrap
written by: michelled

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